The turmoil in South Africa has claimed a prominent aviation personality. Wayne Giles, a much-loved pilot and his wife were murdered at their aero-estate home.

Karl Jensen writes:

Wayne and his wife Janique were shot and killed in their home at Fly Inn Estate on 4 August 2020 shortly after 06h00. Their daughter Rachel in her 20s, recently qualified with a PhD, was shot in the legs, and airlifted to hospital. At the time of writing Rachel was out of the operating theatre in a stable condition. The eldest son Brandon was not injured

Wayne, aged 58, was an industrial refrigeration engineer with interests in South Africa and Mozambique He was an avid aviation enthusiast. Wayne and Janique built the first home in the Fly Inn Estate village adjoining the runway about 25 years ago. Wayne flew a burgundy coloured Piper Pacer for many years before buying a Cessna 185 which he used for business and pleasure. Wayne kept a herd of thoroughbred Arab horses at the adjacent property to Fly Inn Estate in his registered Guizar Stud enterprise.

In 2015, Wayne acquired the Barrows Bearhawk franchise for South Africa after a trip to Oshkosh. He built a beautifully finished and prizewinning Bearhawk Patrol in eight months. This was followed by a Bearhawk LSA which was intended for use as a taildragger trainer and glider tug although it is a sparkling cross-country performer. Wayne had another pair of Patrols under construction being modified specifically for bush flying. As a mark of his success and enthusiasm for the aircraft that there are several other Bearhawks under construction in South Africa.

I have known the Giles family for more than 25 years with my Cessna 170 based at Fly Inn. They were substantial citizens. Wayne and Janique leave behind son Brandon and daughter Rachel and will not only be sorely missed by myself, but also by so many who are dependent on his refrigeration business and the aviation community in South Africa where he was well liked.

Rest in Peace my dear Friends.

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  1. I’ve just heard the news. I met Janique at Natal Technikon when we were 17. She shortly thereafter met Wayne and, fell in love. Theirs was a love story not only between them but it included their two children. They were so close and did so much together; especially enjoying travel abroad as a family. I moved to NZ in 1986 but remained good friends and traveled to SA with my four year old in 2009 and stayed at FlyInn. Wayne led Oscar around the back paddock on the back of one of his horses and spent time with him in the hangar. Oscar was so besotted with Wayne that when his Dad rang from NZ he said he was too busy to talk he was building a plane! We often talked in this age of technology and the last time was as recently as 27 July. Wayne & I did our usual bantering, he was such a tease and Jani and I talked about health, children and getting older. We had such a fabulous and enduring friendship. I am beyond devastated. RIP my friends with love from Wellington, NZ

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