Candice Turner – An amazing story for International Woman’s Day, 8 March 2021. An all-female crew took off from the capital Kabul and the documentary for this incredible moment for women’s rights has just been released.

First female Afghan pilot, 22-year-old Mohadese Mirzaee, joined Captain Veronica Borysova from Ukraine in piloting the Boeing 737-500. Josh Cahill is in the middle.

Click on the link for the video:

What is so historic about this moment is the fact that previously women were not allowed to even work, let alone pilot a plane in the country, and they are still threatened by groups in the country for their efforts to bring gender diversity. As a country where women previously had no rights, this is a landmark flight where the First Officer, is not only an Afghan woman, but is only 22 years old. 

In addition to this, the airline, KAM Air, has had an incredible turbulent past. On 20 January 2018, nine of their staff and crew were killed in a deadly terrorist attack in Kabul. This is what makes this story even more powerful – the sheer determination of both the young Afghan woman who embarked on the flight and the airline, to bring positive change in the nation. 

The airline reviewer that filmed the flight was invited in secret to protect the crew and not create too much attention ahead of the flight.